Silkweb Group Only provide SSL certificates which use the highest levels of encryption & are compatible with all phones and devices. Our Certs will Secure your website and protect e-commerce transactions with bank-strength encrypted security whilst maintaining full autonomy.
SSL CERTIFICATES are no longer an optional extra for websites it’s as essential as your email.
What is a Secure Cert ?
It’s a data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key commonly known as an algorithm which transform plain text into ciphertext. This file is unique to your business’s details.

The SSL cert is installed on the web server which hosts your Domain and website, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and provides the secure connection from the website to the device viewing the site.

Normally, SSL certificates are used to secure credit card transactions, or when private data transfer forms are in use and secure logins, however Google are now requiring all sites to have a SSL for securing browsing. Not having one will slowly start causing websites without SSL to fall down the page rankings, until they eventually disappear from the search engines altogether. Because in the coming weeks, the question isn’t going to be when need to get HTTPS. It will be how long your website will be visible on the internet without one. We also believe it also will have an effect on your Email. Firewalls and web servers will start rejecting mail which Domain doesn’t have a SSL Cert.
There are many types of Secure Certs
DV SSL Certificate domain validation
OV SSL Certificate organisation validation
EV SSL Certificate Extended Validation
Wildcard SSL Certificate allowed to be used on subdomains
SAN SSL Certificate allowed to be used Alternative Names

The main difference in these certs revolves around what information the Certificate Authority, checks in order to issue a certificate. In some cases they will ring the number on your site and send you a letter with a code.
SSL CERTIFICATES are no longer an optional extra for websites it’s as essential as your email.

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