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Domain name registration, Web Hosting, Web Design, and Secure Certs. 
These are just some of the services we provide. 
As a licensed and accredited register for Domains. 
We deliver affordable Secure Hosting and Secure Certs (SSL).

Domain Name Registration

Silkweb Group are a licensed and accredited register for .IE Domains.
We provide Re-Seller Accounts for other Web Companies
The official Internet country code for Ireland is .ie and is the trusted domain. 77% of Irish consumers prefer a .ie website
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Website Design & Development

Silkweb Group look at Web design as an art! 
Your website design should show your business services and display those services Clearly, allowing the site visitor to quickly find and understand what you do.
For us to do this we need to understand your Business.
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Email & Web Hosting

Silkweb Group provides a range of web & email hosting packages. All our hosting is on our managed dedicated servers. If you look through the packages available with other hosting companies you will find Silkweb Group offer the best service & the best price and that is a fact 100% Guaranteed.
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Secure Certs 

Silkweb Group Only provides SSL certificates which use the highest levels of encryption & are compatible with all phones and devices. Our Certs will Secure your website and protect e-commerce transactions with bank-strength encrypted security whilst maintaining full autonomy.
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Digital Communication in the Workplace is the key to sucess

include email, phone , video conferencing, Even website blogs,, and videos are forms of digital communication.
At Silkweb Group our Core Business is Email & Website Communication.
However we can advise you on the others and in the case of Phones we can provide VOIP phone services true One of our Partner Companies

Web Site communication strategy & website performance

Silkweb Group view Web design as an art! Your website design should show your business insight and display what your business is about.
There's no point in having a website, if it isn't a accureit website. Internet users now expect speed, clear messaging, usability,user friendly websites lacking in these aspects are simply discarderd in favor of competitors. Being visible on search engines by using Google Ads is, unfortunately, no longer enough your an online reputation needs to be built

Email & Website Hosting with Security at the forefront

Low-cost shared hosting is a common choice among businesses but there are web security considerations you should be aware of. At Silkweb Group our hosting packages are focus on security and speed. We do not permit sites without a Secure Cert on our Servers. We constently monitor all websites for security weaknesses, We contact the website Admin if there is a issue looming. If it falls apon us to fix it we just do. We provide a Backup service  with out you asking. This is our Industry we understand it So you dont have to. 

responsive design on All Devices

premium development
an emphasis on cutting-edge design and modern usability standards

excellent user experience
you ensure your customers will get a consistent experience across all devices

super flexible
content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices

Transparent Pricing 

The Silkweb Group take Security of our Servers and Our Clients Data Very Serious, So therefore we ask you to contact us by Phone and we will be happy to setup your account. 
Domain Name's
We are an Accredited Registrar for .ie internet domain names and we opperate under the Rules of Ie Domain Registry.
Accredited .ie Registrars are companies, organisations or individuals who have proven knowledge and expertise in managing .ie domains
This price is for each year " we dont hook you into a 5 year contract. By offering the first year with a 9.99 price


20GB Storage Space
Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth) 200GB
Full Cpanel Management with webmail


40GB Storage Space
Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth) 400GB
Full Cpanel Management with webmail
Free Migration of Website, Email and Services 


60GB Storage Space
Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth) 600GB
Full Cpanel Management with webmail
Free Migration of Website, Email and Services
Cpanel with Wordpress, Moodle, & More


80GB Storage Space
Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth) 800GB
Full Cpanel Management with webmail
Free Migration of Website, Email and Services
Cpanel with Wordpress, Moodle, & More

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