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Verified accounts on Twitter

    Verified accounts on twitter have always been a big deal. When a verified person follows me on twitter, I generally go onto their page to see what exactly made them worthy of a blue tick. I personally find that I would trust companies more that have the blue tick rather than companies that don’t.

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Don’t think we didn’t notice, Google!

Reading time : 3 mins Author : Saoire O’ Brien Date : 4-2-2016   So Google made a small quiet change to travel search queries for mobile according to an advanced reporting platform for Google hotel ads, trip advisor and other meta search publishers . On their site they stated in a blog entry

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Biggest Google Update in 10 Years

One of the biggest changes that Google have announced in the past ten years came last Tuesday at the San Francisco security conference. We had heard chatter and advised customers back in October of 2015 during our presentation for Bank of Ireland that soon their site will  require an additional security cert, costing anywhere up

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